Web Development

Built dynamic, responsive websites in HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, and PHP. Created and modified WordPress templates to fit client needs. Worked using the Meteor and Bootstrap frameworks.

LearnCore is the definitive corporate training software


During my 2013 summer internship with VLinks Media, I designed and developed the landing site for their flagship software, LearnCore. LearnCore is a cloud based corporate training platform that helps make your team smarter and more productive.

Shugo Leads

As part of the Leadership Certificate program at UIUC, I reflected and wrote a leadership portfolio encompassing my development during my years in college. I took multiple classes in leadership studies and practice. And attended i-Program workshops that focus on a particular skill in leadership. I graduated with a certificate in leadership in the Spring of 2013.
My Leadership portfolio website showcasing my goals and reflections.
Digital Fortress is the instant security system for our home or laptop.

Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress is a project built in the Meteor framework using WebRTC. Using your webcam, it takes periodic images so you will know if anyone dares swipe your laptop.

Android Development

I've worked on implementing and debugging Android apps, using Google APIs, Vuforia, and the Facebook API.

Graffiti Android App


Graffiti is an augmented reality app that allows the user to take a picture of an object, draw on that object, and have others look at it to see their digital graffiti. This was implemented in a team using Qualcomm's Vuforia library. The apk can be downloaded here.